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IDC's Customer Insights & Analysis team has taken data to the next level by layering in industry-specific advice. Its research-driven insights are now the cornerstone of successful and tactical planning initiatives.

Track and forecast the pillars of transformation

Size spending on IoT, AI, robotics, AR/VR, blockchain, 3D printing and more

Take a deep view of spending by tech, segment, industry, or company

Locate opportunities connected to mega trends: edge, smart cities, digital transformation, etc.

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Big Data

Tailor your business development to big data opportunities.

Public Cloud

Improve your planning with spending forecasts for 20 tech areas in 53 countries.

Data Samples

Video Included

Identify the hottest use cases for blockchain to focus your outreach.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Discover the top AR/VR industry trends to improve your go-to-market strategy.

Robots and Drones

Real-world uses cases tell you in which industries companies are investing into robots and drones.

Artificial Intelligence

Embrace new AI opportunities and learn about next-generation use cases.

Video Included

Identify the hottest IoT use cases to create a winning strategy.


Use the latest security market trends to redefine your sales strategies.

Data Samples

Worldwide Wallet

Learn the buying strategies and budgets of the world’s largest technology buyers.

Black Book
Video Included

Align your IT sales strategy and tactics with the latest market trends.

Black Book - 3rd Platform
Video Included

Quantify the revenue shift from traditional IT to new technology categories.

Black Book - Service Provider
Video Included

Identify opportunities to expand your technology service business.

Industry and Company Size

Identify new technology horizons and sharpen your IT strategy.

Line of Business

Discover who makes IT decisions to improve your outreach.


Align your portfolio with the hottest SMB spending areas.


Current and projected US Federal and US State and Local IT spending and WW 3rd platform spending in Government


Current and projected WW IT and 3rd platform spending in Banking

Capital Markets

Current and projected WW IT and 3rd platform spending in Capital Markets and Investment Services


Current and projected 3rd platform spending in Healthcare


Current and projected WW IT and 3rd platform spending in Insurance


Current and projected 3rd platform spending in Manufacturing

Oil and Gas

Current and projected 3rd platform spending in Oil & Gas


Current and projected WW IT and 3rd platform spending in Retail


Current and projected 3rd platform spending in Utilities

Data Samples

Smart Cities
Video Included

Structure your value proposition to match Smart City priorities.

Digital Transformation
Video Included

Identify the top strategic digital priorities in 19 different industries.

Digital Economy
Video Included

Get answers to the big questions about digital's impact on industries and regions.

Worldwide Edge

Channel Partner Ecosystem

Identify partner opportunities for your technology right down to the industry, geography and even city level.

Emerging Vendor Ecosystem

Gain a holistic view into the vendor landscape of emerging and third platform markets.


IDC Customer Insights & Analysis Overview

Learn more about IDC’s unique set of forecast data products that help our clients pinpoint opportunities for some of the most disruptive technologies. Our Spending Guides and Black Books size end-user spending by connecting technology purchases to broader business initiatives via unique industry use cases.

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ICT Spending

ICT Spending Forecast

IDC’s Black Books are the industry standard for reporting on the size and growth of ICT Spending around the globe. Learn more about the trends shaping the migration from 2nd to 3rd platform technology spending the in the context of macroeconomic trends and other economic factors.

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